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Kindergarten Newsletter

September 10, 2018


Dear Parents,

We are beginning to learn how to write the letters of the alphabet and their names correctly.  If your child is practicing at home (homework), please remind him/her to begin at the top of the letter or number.  This is something that is said daily, but we all need a little reminding.  Also, the children don’t have to do all pencil and paper writing.  On a pretty day, allow your child to write letters with chalk on his/her sidewalk, with a stick in the dirt, shaving cream, play-doh or finger paint.  All of these activities help to strengthen your child’s fine motor development. 

Each week, I will introduce a nursery rhyme/poem to the children. This week, our featured poem will be Jack and Jill.  Your child will bring his/her poem home for you all to read. You can reinforce this with your child at home by reading and saying it lots.  Remind the children of the rhyming words and possible sight words in the poem.  I use the poem to teach concept of word to the children.  We think of the spaces between words, word recognition in isolation, punctuation, grammar and many, many other concepts.  Please keep poems in order for your child to read and reread nightly.

In math, the children are matching numerals to sets and continue learning to form the numerals correctly.

* If you have not sent in extra clothes for your child, please do so.  At times, the children need a change of clothes because of accidents and occasional spills.  They are kept upstairs in the nurse’s office.

* We go into the computer lab every other Wednesday. Mrs. Giles, the librarian also takes the children in on Thursday afternoons. If you have not sent in headphones for your child, you may do so at any time. 

Reminders: * All chaperones need to be fingerprinted and approved prior to any field trips.

  • Continue to work on your child’s ID number
  • Tomorrow is Patriot’s Day- Wear the red, white and blue!
  • Va. Diner fundraisers are due tomorrow.

Thanks in advance for your continued support.

Have a good week!

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