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Mrs. Castilllo

Classes Taught: 
4th Grade


Fourth Grade SOL Schedule:

May 17: Math

All tests will be taken in the morning. 


I'm trying to avoid large amounts of worksheets. Therefore,  most assignments will be in workbooks or on our Google Classroom. Students are still able to redo assignments, but if they would like to take something home they will need to ask me to print the assignment or logon at home.  

Blended Classroom is working wonderfully! Students are able to approach information in Reading and Math in multiple ways! This also has provided more hands on activities for math and paired practice for reading. 


For Students:

Check out this Potential vs Kinetic energy video!!

Big thanks to Mrs. Foster for capturing it!




Useful Websites
Science VA Studies Math Reading
SOL Activities Jamestown Bar Diagrams SOL Teacher
Study Jams SOL Activities Mr. Nussbaum Mr. Nussbaum
Simulations American Revoluntion Harry Potter Math Facts Storia
Weather Williamsburg Maths-Games SOL Teacher- Reading
Circuits MIssion US Fraction Word Problems SOL Teacher- Grammar
Moon Landing 1 2 Library of Congress Khan Academy  
SOL Teacher SOL Teacher iXL Spelling
Science at Home Founding Fathers SOL Teacher Spellerz

Fun Websites

Virtual Keyboard

Pixar in a Box

(creating dinosaur skin)


Lesson Support

Math Facts

For Parents:

Students are expected to continue reading each night and complete the daily homework.

Homework: (Subject to change, see agenda for exact assignments)

5/15-19 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math Centimeters and Millimeters  


Math SOL


Homework Due



Students are expected to read AT LEAST 20 minutes per night

25 AR points are due May 25




VA Studies/Science

Review for Sciecne End of Year Test on May 22


Review for Sciecne End of Year Test on May 22





Review for Sciecne End of Year Test on May 22


Review for Sciecne End of Year Test on May 22

Review for Sciecne End of Year Test on May 22

Word Study

Students will have time during Daily 5 to complete their word study activities.

However if they do not finish, they will need to work on them for homework. 




Word Study Activities are due


Below are copies of my newsletter. My newsletters will inform you of upcoming content and dates to rememeber.


Check out the video of one of our 2016 chicks hatching!


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