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The History of Pleasant View School


As the Pleasant View community prepares to transition into a new history it is important to honor the history upon which the future is built.  This history includes the Pleasant View High School and the Pleasant View Elementary School as noted in the following accounts.     
“Pleasant View High School in Pedlar District in the northwestern end of Amherst County was built around 1910-1912. There were six rooms, three for first through seventh grades and three for High School; six teachers and 150 students. Four years of High School offered Latin, French, Algebra, Geometry, English, History, Chemistry with a good laboratory, Science, a full-time Music teacher and a athletic program: baseball, basketball, tennis. A three-room school a few yards from the High School was converted to an auditorium after the High School was built. This was one of the first, if not the first, accredited High Schools in Amherst County. Most students walked to school, some rode horseback. Barns on school grounds or neighborhood farms were used. About 1914, a horse-drawn wagon picked up students down Puppy Creek Road. From the Pedal Mills community in the late teens, a school jitney, a truck with seats down each side, was run. When Amherst County consolidated high schools, students were sent by bus to Amherst; a new elementary school was built at Pleasant View which still operates.”
Source Cited:
Amherst County Virginia Heritage 1761-1999 (Vol. I). (2004). Wadsworth Publishing Company.
“Pleasant View Elementary School is one of seven elementary schools in Amherst County. It is located on a 20 acre site in the rural area of the county surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. It lies in the community of Pleasant View, between Route 60 and Route 130. Construction began on the school in 1952. It was completed and opened in January of 1953 with an enrollment of 120 students in grades 1-7. With the integration of schools in 1969, the enrollment increased to 200. This new school replaced the old Pleasant View School. In 1973, three classrooms, a library, new office space and additional kitchen space were added to the school. In 1997, the school got a facelift with all new windows. At that time, the building was air-conditioned and the heating system was upgraded. A new computer lab was also installed in 1997. The latest upgrade occurred in 2000-2002, with a renovated and enlarged library, new floor tile, and new ceilings throughout the building. The enrollment this year (2003-2004) is 135, with students in grades K-5.”

Source Cited:
Amherst County Virginia Heritage 1761-2004 (Vol. II). (2004). Wadsworth Publishing Company.
Because of declining enrollment the decision was made to close Pleasant View Elementary School in June 2017.  With gratitude we remember the students, parents and staff who, for over 100 years, have been an integral part of the Pleasant View community.  Their legacy will continue to impact Pleasant View as our children transition to different schools next year.  

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